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Spray pattern of the nozzles

Nozzle Spray Patterns
There are three basic nozzle spray patterns. Each is best for certain applications.
• Flat-spray, or flat-fan, nozzles spray droplets from a flat-spray tip. They form a fan-shaped pattern as they
leave the nozzle opening.
A flat-spray nozzle is the only kind that puts out herbicide accurately and uniformly.
The edges of the pattern have a lower spray volume. So, patterns of adjacent nozzles must overlap
to obtain uniform coverage.
Wider-angle nozzles produce smaller droplets.
 Narrow-angle spray tips produce a more penetrating spray. They are also less likely to become
• Hollow-cone nozzles produce a spray pattern with the liquid on the outside of a cone.
These are best when penetration and coverage are critical.
The typical spray distribution is saddle-shaped. There is less liquid in the center of the distribution,
tapering off rapidly at the edges.
It is not well suited for broadcast applications; proper overlap is difficult.
Generally produces the smallest droplets.
Spray drift can be high because of the many small droplets produced at the normal operating pressure
of 40 pounds per square inch (psi) and above.
• Wide-angle full-cone nozzles produce large droplets distributed throughout a full cone.
These are good for soil-applied and systemic herbicides.
Maximum drift control at pressures of 15 to 20 psi is achieved.
The uniform spray pattern is maintained over a pressure range of 10 to 40 pounds per square inch
Droplets are larger than with other tip styles of equal capacity at similar pressures.

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