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Make the artificial snow

Oil burner nozzle
The oil nozzle looks small and insignificant but means everything for optimal combustion of heating oil.
One of the more unusual applications for nozzles is in snowmaking equipment.
How the artificial snow is produced ?  Water, air and energy are needed to make artificial snow. Many people think of environmentally polluting chemicals in connection with the term "artificial snow", but this is false. The designation "artificial" relates only to how the snow is produced. In this process the water is atomised by nozzles to form microscopic droplets. Some of these droplets evaporate, thereby extracting heat from their surroundings, and this causes the rest of the droplets to be chilled, freeze, and fall to the ground as small ice crystals: artificial snow.

Our nozzles are used in ducted-fan cannons. They guarantee uniform atomisation of the water with the smallest possible droplets. Our nozzles withstand the often abrasive nature of the medium (which tends to cause wear), allowing them to be used for several winter seasons.

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