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Ways to Improve the Atomization of Nozzle

According to the atomization and experimental studies, and add the mine site experience, we can improve the ways of fan spray nozzle atomization mainly in the following areas:
1. Increase relative speed differential in gas-liquid to increase the aerodynamic droplets finer crushing in the larger aerodynamic role.
2. Enhance the exit velocity of the liquid nozzle to increase the collision, and the relative droplets ejected in the collision can be further broken. It was found that if the droplet outlet velocity is small, and it will converge into large droplets, if the droplet exit velocity is high, which can improve the degree of atomization. However, it would be gas-liquid relative degree decreases, so that the aerodynamic deterioration of atomized droplets.
3. Experimental results show that the nozzle, the mixing tube geometry and scale have the great influence on the atomization performance. Therefore, we should consider their impact on atomization and consider them together after the change of the overall performance, when design the model.
4. Study on spray water system flow rate, pressure and nozzle geometry, the relationship of the shape of the structure, to improve atomization.

Special city water supply system water pressure influence on the atomizing effect, the higher the water pressure, the finer particles of mist. The problems caused by high water pressure: (1) energy consumption; (2) water supply system components have to withstand pressure, failure-prone, short life and especially within the mining equipment spray system. This presents us with another research topic: How to obtain the fine mist particles under the effective water pressure, to improve pressure-type atomizing nozzle structure.
K5 Spray-dry Nozzle 

By analyzing the classification and characteristics of the nozzle pointed out that the scope of the various types of nozzles, and based on the analysis of the factors that affect the ability of the nozzle atomization, improved nozzle atomization. In order to improve the effect of the nozzle atomization, we must match the characteristics of the nozzle and the water supply system to improve water quality at the same time, and improve the accuracy of the spray water filtration.

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