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Tips for the Selection of Nozzles

There are various types of nozzles, with wide range of options, and in general degreasing and washing step of the nozzle can choose a jet-type nozzle with strong impact force: and now we take the "V" type as the example, the angle of injection is best the 60 ° with a larger impact strength; phosphating process can use an atomization nozzle, water tablets fine uniform, weak impact fog nozzle cone nozzles: take the "Z" pattern as the example , the optimum distance of the nozzle is away from the workpiece 40cm ~ 50cm, with dispersion, the role of atomization of the liquid spray. Nozzles can be used in parallel and cross the two forms, on the channel type, with a vertical cross arranged to spray better.

fogging nozzle

The selection of the factors of the nozzle flow are pressure, spray angle, coverage, impact, temperature, materials, applications, and these factors are often implicated each other, mutual restraint. Flow and pressure, spray angle and coverage are proportional to the relationship. Any nozzle injection purpose is to maintain continuous so that the bath in contact with the workpiece, the flow of this factor is more important than the pressure. The temperature of the liquid does not affect the performance of the spray nozzle, but it affects the viscosity and specific gravity, but also influences the choice of materials. The nozzle material with the humidifier system should be determined based on the chemical properties of the bath, according to the ease of processing of non-corrosive bath, cast in bronze or plastic die-casting. To prevent corrosion, non-metallic materials can be used; the strong etching bath of sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, nylon plastic can be used; nozzle for phosphating bath material commonly used acid-resistant stainless steel to prevent rust nozzle can use stainless steel or nylon production.

The certain impacts are the small-angle nozzle plume flow (jet) for the best; fan nozzle for cleaning, degreasing, cooling conical nozzle suitable for bleaching cream, the surface layer, phosphide, humidification , dust, etc.; should be installed in the reservoir paint cylinder, tank Venturi mixing nozzle, the "H" type, ie mixing nozzle (also known as venturi nozzle), for example, is sucked into the bath after a certain pressure with the lead crossing the liquid common to 1:4 traffic mix after diffusion ejected achieve solute mixing effect of the air, thereby preventing the precipitation, because agitation to ensure the uniform mixing of chemical solution. is developing precision finishing of hareware parts industry. Changyuan Co., Ltd. has twenty Japan-made CNC automatic lathes whose precision can reach 2 micro or below and several sets of five spindle lathes whose orifice precision can reach 0.10mm. All the advanced equipments ensure that we can supply good quality products to our customers.

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