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The Details about Fine Atomizing Nozzle

Fine atomizing nozzle characteristics:
1, without the use of compressed air, hydraulic pressure can be formed very finely atomized spray.
2, very fine particles, and forming the mist spray effect. 3, it is wall-mounted, and can be installed in the exterior walls, vessels and piping.
4, a variety of misting nozzle are removable, which is easy to clean installation.
5, the majority of the nozzles have the built-in filter.
Fine atomizing nozzle can produce fine atomization effect, spray angle from 45-90 degrees, the diameter of the aerosol particles is 10 ~ 50um stainless steel nozzle core and stainless steel guide vane nozzle inserts, which contains an anti-drip device, the liquid in the 20kg -120kg pressure, high-speed flow in the guide vanes form a centrifugal vortex, very fine hollow mist particles ejected from the nozzles.
The series nozzles do not need air-assisted system and the device is simple; spray mist subtle point with full atomization, energy and water conservation, low cost and good effect; nozzle is not blocked, watertight, self-cleaning internal rotation, treatment by advanced forging process over the stainless steel nozzle, durable, similar the nozzle 2.5 times life.
Fine atomizing nozzle select 304 stainless steel or brass and other high-quality solid material. Users can also choose SS stainless steel Brass brass, ceramics and other materials depending on the application environment, to effectively meet the high temperature, corrosion, wear resistance and impact resistance requirements.
 Flat Fan Jet Nozzle
Fine atomizing nozzles technical parameters:
Fine atomizing nozzle typical applications fine flat fan nozzle is a good fog nozzle, and artificial fog landscape embodies the fusion of human culture and nature to meet the desire of people look forward to a return to nature and the pursuit of beauty. For the development and design of the attractions, the artificial fog equipment has great market advantage, which can attract tourists and create benefits. In addition, mist produced by it can drift with the wind, and blend with the natural environment, which is more entertaining and interesting.

Fine atomizing nozzle application areas: 1. textile workshop humidification; 2. the disinfection and cooling in farms; 3. artificial fog landscape; 4. the refreshment of vegetables in the supermarket; 5. Leisure cooling; 6. electronics industry humidifiers; 7. Environmental dust and so on. is developing precision finishing of hareware parts industry. Changyuan Co., Ltd. has twenty Japan-made CNC automatic lathes whose precision can reach 2 micro or below and several sets of five spindle lathes whose orifice precision can reach 0.10mm. All the advanced equipments ensure that we can supply good quality products to our customers.

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