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What is the difference of ChangYuan misting nozzles?

 Their tips are from quality brass or 303SS stainless steel.
* Brass or SS body of nozzles are machined on high precision Japan Made CNC lathes.
* The orifice of our nozzles is carefully engineered to produce an optimum spray pattern.
* Diameter tolerance of nozzle orifices is very close.
* Quality and concentricity of orifices are very high.
* Size of water droplets are between 4 and 20µ dependingthe orifice size.
* Flows of nozzles having the same orifice are very close.
* Quality of O rings is very high.
* Orifice size is laser marked on Hex series nozzles.
* For to solve loose problem when timer is used, M5 thread is available.

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