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How to Clean the Fan Spray Nozzle

The fan spray nozzle is often used to clean other objects, but if the nozzles themselves get dirty, they are not doing any good. If a spray nozzle becomes clogged with dust or dirt, it can't do an effective job of spraying the liquid it contains, whether cleaning products, plant food, or insecticides or pesticides. In this case, the spray nozzle will need to be taken apart and cleaned. spray gun nozzle

First, fill the bucket with an equal solution of vinegar and hot water. Heat the water for five to 10 minutes on the stove. Ensure the water is not boiling. Unscrew the nozzles from the water hose. Loosen the nozzle from the hose gently to prevent cracking and bending of the nozzle and the washer that holds the nozzle in place.

Second, fill a bowl with water and a strong detergent. Let the nozzle and its screen soak for 20 minutes. This will loosen any dirt or debris clogging the nozzle. Or, soak the nozzle in the mixture of vinegar and water for 10 minutes. Soaking the nozzle loosens caked-on hard water and calcium buildup from inside the nozzle.

Third, remove the nozzle and the screen and scrub them lightly with a soft bristle brush.
Fourth, check the tip of the nozzle. If that is where the clog is located, you may have to dislodge it by sticking a toothpick in it. Do this after the nozzle has soaked in detergent so the clogging substance will be soft and easy to remove.

Fifth, rinse the nozzle and its screen and screw them back on the device. Re-attach the nozzle carefully to avoid bending and cracking the nozzle. Firmly tighten the nozzle to prevent leaks when using the water hose. Test to make sure the stream of liquid is coming out the way it was designed to.

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