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How to Choose Appropriate Spray Nozzles?


The spray nozzle is designed to be used in a variety of different working conditions, so we need to select the appropriate nozzles in order to achieve optimum use of spray performance. The characteristics of the spray nozzle are mainly reflected in spray type, which is the shape formed when the fluid leaves the nozzle exit and its performance.

Type of nozzles:
Fan-shaped, conical, solid stream (i.e. jet), air atomizing, flat nozzles, wherein the conical nozzle is divided into hollow cone nozzles and full cone two categories; the naming of the Venturi nozzle (i.e. mixing nozzle), strong cold (hot) air nozzle outlet nozzle and dedicated nozzle (eg: garden nozzles, mug washing nozzles, pipe cleaning nozzles and other series) reflects the nozzle performance.

Selection techniques:
The spray nozzles are available for many types, which have a large range of options. Generally the nozzles for degreasing and washing processes can use spray nozzle with a strong impact force: take the "V" type fan nozzle for example, the spray angle of 60 ° is the best, and it has a large impact force. However, the nozzle for phosphating process can use centrifugal nozzle with good atomization, uniform fine water particles, and weak impact. Take the "Z"-type full cone spiral nozzles for example, the optimal distance of nozzle from the workpiece is 40cm ~ 50cm, which has dispersion, the liquid spray atomization effect. The factors for selecting nozzles include flow, pressure, spray angle, coverage, impact, temperature, material, application, etc., and these factors are often inter-linked and mutually restraint.
Full Cone Spray Nozzle 

1. Flow and pressure, the spray angle and range are proportional. The aim of any spray nozzles is to maintain continuous contact between tank liquor and the workpiece, the flow factor is more important than the pressure.
2. The temperature of the liquid does not affect spray nozzle performance, but it affects viscosity and specific gravity, and affects the choice of materials. Nozzle material should be determined based on the chemical properties of the tank liquor, for non-corrosive tank liquor, bronze casting or plastic casting can be used according to the difficulty of processing.

3. To prevent corrosion, non-metallic materials can be used; for sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid and other strong corrosive tank liquor, nylon plastics can be adopted; nozzle material used for phosphating tank liquor generally use acid-resistant stainless steel; the nozzle to prevent corrosion can also directly select stainless steel or nylon to produce.

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