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On Fine Mist Nozzle

Fine mist system is a new automatic fire extinguishing system developed in recent years, and it solves the protection problem of the flammable liquid fire at hazard place and cable, electrical at fire hazard spots, which is a significant effect fire sprinklers in the fire, making the water loss smaller after the fire control. You can replace the conventional water spray, gas and foam fire extinguishing system with this new fine mist nozzle system. It is mainly used in explosive hazardous areas, such as hydraulic stations, ships, oil libraries, turbine oil depots, oil-immersed power transformers, diesel generator room, boiler room and other flammable liquid fire hazard and cable tunnels, large cable compartment, computer room and other electrical fire hazard class. Applications can also be stored in places such as libraries, archives, museums and other important documents.

fine hollow cone Mist spray nozzle

Fine mist nozzle type:
Fine mist nozzles can be divided into high-pressure one and low-pressure one:
1. High-pressure fine mist nozzle is composed of nozzle body, nozzle, nozzle chip and filters and other core parts. After certain pressure water comes into the nozzle by the nozzle filter, pressure water spray from the nozzle hole at a high speed, with the surrounding of air a strong friction, the flow is torn to form a certain angle along the spray mist.
2. Low pressure fine mist nozzle consists nozzle body, nozzle, core and sub- sink filters and other parts. After certain pressure water into the nozzle by nozzle strainer in the sink core of the spiral, centrifugal atomization, mixing the cavity is formed by a certain angle spray nozzle out. The low-pressure fine mist nozzles use more than just a small oblique centrifugal atomization nozzle consisting mist nozzle, compared with other same nozzle flow, within its coverage, the spray uniformity is good, less flow resistance loss, so it has better the mist initial kinetic energy and diffusing.
Fine mist spray nozzle spout has I-III level, with good diffusing effect, long after the release of water mist spray dwell time, compared with other sprinklers, it can reduce fire, fire control spray intensity, and less water consumption.

Maintenance Tips for Fine Mist Nozzle
1. Spare parts need keeping: General spray nozzle providers will have specialized packaging and labeling. When you do not them, place them on those packaging. Soak the nozzles to be dismantled in oil (gasoline, diesel, etc.) to prevent rust. 2. The occurrence of faults related to the use of a nozzle needs to break the nozzle. You must use special tools or suitable tool to remove according to assembly relationships. Re-installed spiral nozzle should be implemented in line with assembly instructions.

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