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6 specification needed when we choose nozzle

Spray nozzle can use in so many application, when we select the nozzles, we need fix the following six specification:
1. Water pressure: The spray nozzle connect to fluid(normally water),we need to know what pressure it is.
2. Flow rate( capacity): Flow rate is the amount of liquid sprayed from a nozzle per hour.Flow rate is ususally calculated from the orifice diameter and pressure,so a bigger orifice and low pressure produce the same flow rate as a smaller orifice and high pressure.
3.Spray angle: The spray angle means the angle when the spray nozzle spray.
4.spray pattern:Different spray nozzle can form different spray pattern. Like solid stream, full cone,hollow coneflat fan
5.Material: The spray nozzle can be made of Stainess steel(316.303.304.) ,brass. Hasterloy,Plastic(PP.POM.PVC.PVDF,ABS).Different material can used in different environment.
6. Connection method.:The spray nozzle need fitting one the pipe. so normally it was use thread or flange to fitting. 

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