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Classification of CYCO spiral nozzle

 ChangYuan(CYCO) mainly manufacture the following three kinds spiral nozzle: hollow cone spiral nozzle, full cone spiral nozzle and flanged silicon carbide spiral nozzle.
Full cone spiral nozzle have NPT and BSPT thread. The material we normally use SS316.PTFE.PP and POM, and also other material s will be used for some special field.
The design and application of the spiral nozzle:
There is no other “filler” in the Spiral nozzle. The spray will become very small particles after collide with the spiral surface. If the spiral part is spray at upside, the spray pattern will be hollow cone. But if there is a corner at the center part, the spray pattern will be full cone.
 At the same time, there is no vane and other things in the spiral nozzle, the nozzle is not easy for block. All the spiral surface will produce a hollow cone or full cone spiral nozzles, so it will ensure its’ spray effect be better than other normal nozzle.
The special streamline design from the input to the output will reduce the resistance ratio to the lowest, so the spiral nozzle can used in many field. For example, the flanged silicon carbide spiral nozzle used in desulphurization, dust and other cooling. The drift spray process of spiral design fit for the chemical industry, environmental protection, electric power, textile and other industrial fields.
Spiral nozzle accessories have the split orifice connector and adjustable ball connector. The split connector can instead of the thread welded base, and also with the anti-leak gasket. The adjustable ball connector can adjust the spiral direction of the spiral nozzle.

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