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How the spray nozzle used in Ceramic industry?

Porcelain manufacturers improved coating processreducing maintenance time accurate layer can make customers more satisfied

The problem:
Early Ohio glassy porcelain manufacturers are using spray gun for pottery coatings, such as coating a smooth shaft layer on the Pasta Bowl and soup. At that time the manufacturer need use the spray gun to form the suitable spray pattern. Because the gun is controlled by liquid flow pipeline that simultaneous blowing air and liquid, so it can not only adjust the blowing gas consumption without affecting the liquid flow rate. This manual adjustment procedure is not only caused by the production time and loss, spray pattern is not accurate, and smooth shaft coated on ceramic is not consistent. Because of the shape and size of disc change very frequently, making the problem even more serious, especially when the adjustment process must start again. Another problem the manufacturer need face is the ceramic glaze stuck in the nozzle flow cap. This makes the employees every day to clean up "crust".

The solution:
As the Porcelain manufacturer know Chang Yuan(CYCO) has variable spray nozzle ,they immediately tested nozzles, want to know whether it meets their requirements or not. The nozzle is designed in a viscous liquid spray. Supply the atomizing air, blowing out the independent adjustment of air and liquid, which makes the manufacturers can quickly and easily adjust spray pattern and achieve accurate range cover and avoid stop the production line. And in some cases, the liquid can automatically adjust to changing spray pattern, and no need to change the nozzle combination.

Another advantage of nozzle is that contains clean needle valve can remove crusted problems, but also dismissed the smooth glaze ceramic repair which waste of time. Using the new nozzle porcelain manufacturers now have improved coating, good overall product quality. (Spray lances)

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