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Cooling application of Misting nozzles

At outdoor we cannot decrease the temperature through the air conditioner.,,,so can we make cooling through other ways? The answer is YES. The most efficient and economical way is using the misting spray tips and full set of facility to make a cooling system. In a simple word, it is technology that misting spray tips spraying out water fog and then decrease the temperature in the surrounding environment.
In hot summer season, with help of the misting spray tips, temperature can be decreased about 4-8 degree. It makes the air fresh, which is good for the health. The principle is the hydrones rush cracking together in a high speed, it release out lots of anions, which is called the vitamin of air. Every milliter can produce 100thousand to 500thousand anions, it is 1500-5000times of the normal views,making the air fresh, body good immunity and heart healthy. In the mean while, it can protect you from the mosquitos and bugs. After washing, the fresh air is good for living, renew the moden living condition and deeply renew the air quality.
Watermist nozzle spray water particles is 20-70 micron, it can be blocked by the filter and has the anti-drip construction. It wont leak out even when the system power is off.
Beside this, misting spray tips can be used for disinfection. Make the liquid pump and water container, add some disinfection liquid, then it can be used for environment sterilizing. Also it can add some essence, then it can be used for odour removal, spraying essence.
Misting nozzles manufactured by Changyuan company is made by the advanced stainless steel material, it is long last use and good at weat-resisting, quality is highly guaranteed. So far, Changyuan company has successfully developed a series of macromolecule material nozzles, such as humidifying nozzles, watermist nozzles, air atomizing nozzles, oil burner nozzles, washing nozzles, de-dusting nozzles, etc. Nozzles from Changyuan holds a very reasonable price, products sells overseas to European district and America district.. At the same time, Changyuan company has build up very good long term business relationships with many overseas customers.


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