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How to choose nozzles

Spray nozzle can use in so many application, when we select the nozzles, we need fix the following six specification:
1. Water pressure: The spray nozzle connect to fluid(normally water),we need to know what pressure it is.
2. Flow rate( capacity): Flow rate is the amount of liquid sprayed from a nozzle per hour.Flow rate is ususally calculated from the orifice diameter and pressure,so a bigger orifice and low pressure produce the same flow rate as a smaller orifice and high pressure.
3.Spray angle: The spray angle means the angle when the spray nozzle spray.
4.spray pattern:Different spray nozzle can form different spray pattern. Like solid stream, full cone, hollow cone, flat fan.

5.Material: The spray nozzle can be made of Stainess steel(316.303.304.) ,brass. Hasterloy,Plastic(PP.POM.PVC.PVDF,ABS).Different material can used in different environment.
6. Connection method.:The spray nozzle need fitting one the pipe. so normally it was use thread or flange to fitting.

Picking the right spray nozzle and adjusting sprayer pressure will effectively  control the flow rate of application.
Flat fan spray pattern produce fine droplets, it cover a wide area more uniformly. Use a wide angle flat fan nozzle for smaller droplets and more coverage, use narrow angle flat fans for accurate penetrating spray delivery.
Hollow cone nozzle have good coverage.
Full cone nozzle have a wide angle for large droplets and less drift.
Plastic nozzle for corrosion and abrasion resistance. Metal nozzles for ease of cleaning where oils are used as a carrier instead of water.
Use nozzles with lower liter per minute for smaller nozzles.
Pick nozzles according to the type of penetration. Apply insecticides and fungicides with nozzles that can produce an even flow of small to medium droplets for better overall coverage. Use nozzles that produce large droplets if drift will be a problem

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