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The nozzle used in the dishwasher machine

The spray nozzle was widely used in the cleaning industry. The spray nozzle combined with the dishwasher machine to be the nozzle type dishwasher will have better effect during the cleaning.

Characteristics of nozzle type dishwasher is to wash the shower water splashing type reach the aim of cleaning.  Water under the pressure  and through the nozzle to different side and range of the tableware, fully washing purposes. Compared to other forms of dishwasher, nozzle type dish washer has the advantages of simple structure, cleaning time is short but high efficiency and energy saving, low cost.
The nozzle is particularly important in the selection of choosing as the core role the dishwasher. According to the characteristics and environment, the general selection is the flat fan nozzle and full cone nozzle. Flat fan nozzle was smooth and big channel which can ensure the smooth nozzle and effectively reduce the blocking phenomenon. The impact force is high, and the spray particle size uniform, so that the cleaning is more thorough. The connection mode is the unit combination, conducive to the management and maintenance is more convenient .Full cone nozzle spray distribution uniformity, spray droplet size is medium to large. The uniform spray distribution effect comes from the special design of the vane, large and smooth flow passage and advanced jet control characteristics for the jet application requirements covering a region of domain that can play a very good effect.
ChangYuan(CYCO) flat fan nozzle( model no. CC.V.W types) and full cone nozzle( Model no.BB types)  with the best quality, and unique design make the nozzle more longer use life.

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