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The principle of air filter


Air filter means an air filtration device and generally used for clean workshop, cleanplant, clean operating rooms, laboratories and cleanrooms, or other electronic machinery and communications equipment for dust. There are five kinds of filter: coarse filter, Medium filter, middle high efficiency filter, alkylene high efficiency filter and high efficiency filter.  Different models have different standards and different use of performance. 

In the pneumatic technology, the air filter, regulator and lubricator pneumatic called three pneumatic element. In order to obtain a variety of functions, we often make this three air preparation components assembled together in order.  It is also  called pneumatic triple parts! It can use for air purification filters, vacuum and provide lubrication.

Three components of the installation order intake direction followed by air filter, regulator and lubricator. Three elements are most indispensable pneumatic system air supply device. It installed in gas equipmen vicinity and was the last to ensure the air quality. Its design and installation in addition to ensure the quality of their own outside the  three components, it also consider space-saving, easy installation, operation, and other factors can be any combination.

Air filters are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electricity, machinery, light industry, textile, automotive, electronics, food, medicine, biochemistry, defense, scientific research and other needs of compressed air purification other industries and sectors.

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