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The Applications Of Mist Nozzle


Atomizing mist nozzle spray the fog and the fog is very small. And other spray nozzle is not have the effect of fog and they need an air compressor to spray mist effect.  Usually the mist nozzle does not require any compressor, it use directly connected water. When there is a certain pressure of water, Mist Nozzle can be injected like fan shape, a tapered shape and a circular spray effect. Atomizing mist nozzle generally only two kinds of fan and round spray pattern.

Air conditioning can be said to be an integral part of our modern life appliances.
During the summer, as the weather is hot, air conditioning is a necessity in our daily life. But the mist nozzle how to ale a role in atomizing nozzle applications? First,  mist nozzle can reduce the heat generated during the operation of the air conditioning. Air conditioning at work is to absorb indoor heat, exhaust hot air and blowing cold air, then indoor air temperature is lower. Therefore, we are equipped with the atomization mist nozzle atomization in the air conditioning duct exhaust hot air on the way to reduce heat conditioning itself and dissipated heat. The second is a deodorant. We spay  perfume and internal water  to control the smell in the air.

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