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Three kinds of Changyuan flat fan nozzles Introduction


The Changyuan flat fan nozzle produces a line of spray. The length of this line at a given distance from the orifice will depend upon the spray angle of the nozzle. Changyuan flat fans generally produce fairly coarse sprays consisting of larger droplets but some design variants can deliver fans of finely atomised sprays. The impact of a Changyuan flat fan spray, as with all sprays, is greatly dependent on flow rate and pressure but in comparison to other spray patterns it produces a medium impact spray.

Design variants
The Changyuan flat fan pattern can be produced by 3 common designs of nozzle.

1- The shaped orifice nozzle
This consists of an elliptical shaped orifice that simply shapes the fluid into the desired pattern.

2- The deflection nozzle
This design impinges and the spray onto a shaped deflection surface. The surface is curved such that the deflected spray is formed into a fan. This design has the advantage that the fan can be shaped into a very hard driving narrow fan suitable for impact cleaning or can be spread very widely to give maximum coverage. Also because the initial spray orifice is circular rather than elliptical deflector nozzles are more clog resistant and thus suitable for dirty environments or for spraying more lumpy fluids.

3- Air atomising nozzle
This design of nozzle uses compressed air to break apart the fluid into very fine droplets and also to shape the spray into a precise flat fan pattern. This Changyuan flat fan variant has the advantage of being able to deliver finely atomised sprays at very low flow rates.

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