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Dry fog nozzle Special design

Some details about CYCO dry fog nozzle, Ultrasonic atomizing nozzle:
1.This is a kind of nozzle with very small particle size as 10um, combined with Air and Water.
2. The top of the nozzle with a precicion mechnical resonator, which can make a high frequency wave. When the compressed air go through the inner of the nozzle vane, the special design mixed the water and air with supersonic,and expand to the resonator cavity to form this super fine fog. We call "DRY FOG"
3. This dry fog nozzle with a very large orifice can avoid the clog problem.
4. Nozzle can be self cleaning during the high speed vibration process.
5.The whole nozzle was made of Stainless steel material.

This is a kind of nozzle which larged used in the dust suppression system.

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