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Our Company
Our company has advanced processing equipments for the production of spray nozzles, including 20 high precision CNC machine tools imported from Japan which can reach the machining accuracy below 1μ, several five-axis machine centers which can reach the machining accuracy of 0.01mm, 40-50 CNC machine tools which can produce 303SS, 304SS, 316SS, hard alloy, ceramic, PP, PVC and PTFE, etc.

Our company boasts more than 120 technicians and over 20 R&D personnels. We have invested much in developing products' spray function and been committed to meeting customers' needs for spray nozzles.
We have the most advanced and accurate spray testing equipments, such as: high pressure impact testers, laser particle size detectors, salt spray test analyzers, hardness testers etc.


High Pressure Testing

Impact Testing

Domestic CNC Lathes-1

Domestic CNC Lathes-2

5 Spindle Lathe

Citizen Auto-feed Lathes

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