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High Efficiency HV Mini-Pleated HEPA Air Filter
High Efficiency HV Mini-Pleated HEPA Air Filter
  • High Efficiency HV Mini-Pleated HEPA Air Filter

High Efficiency HV Mini-Pleated HEPA Air Filter

  • Product Type: Air Filter
  • Place of origin: China
  • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Package: CARTONS
  • Brand Name: CYCO
HV Mini-Pleated HEA Filter
HV- Design Features  of HEPA Filters
Colleting 0.3 micron particles with efficiency higher than 99.99%, high airflow rate, Low operating cost, hepa air filters individually tested
HV- common Applications Final filtration of air conditioning systems, high airflow rates air purifying equipments

HV Minipleat air purifier hepa filter is a kind of deep loading, high efficiency air filters HEPA fitting through both permanent air flow systems and impermanent airflow system. The hepa air purifier filters are constructed of multiple of multiple media packs in V-bank installed in a plastic coated galvanized sheet metal box or ABS plastic box, whose media area is largely extended compared with ordinary hepa air purifier filter. In the recent installation system, the comparatively larger media surface ensures low media damage possibility, thus energy consumption and operating cost are optimized, this kind of hepa filter air purifier is ideal applied in operating room in hospitals, semiconductor manufacturing, micro-electronics manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and any other locations where air contamination should be under strict control .

High Dust Holding Capabllity & Mini-pleat HEPA filter design
HV Minipleat hepa filter air cleaner is constructed of ultra-fine, moisture resistant and fire retardant fiber glass. Special hot melt separators ensure uniform airflow throughout the filter pack with minimum airflow resistance, uniformly spaced pleats ensures maximum utilization of the media, resulting in comparatively larger dust holding capacity.

Solid strueture, work steady and well in the turbulent flow condition
The metal flange frame and filter body made of galvanized steel, which assurance of the filter won be be rotten under high temperature, solid construction, makes the HV to be indeal choice in the tough environment and the case that the fan was closed frenquenty, customer may choose the honeywell hepa air filters which has protection mesh in both side ensure it won be damaged during the transportation.

High Airflow Rates
The designed airflow rates is up to 4000m3/h. The high airflow rates design has more benefits compared with other ordinary filter in the same size. Fewer hepa room air filter products of this kind can be used under same airflow rate, thus reducing cost and saving installation space and time. HV Minipleat hepa air filter has comparatively longer service life when functions in low air.

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