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Brass Flat fan nozzle
Brass Flat fan nozzle
  • Brass Flat fan nozzle
  • Brass Flat fan nozzle
  • Brass Flat fan nozzle
  • Brass Flat fan nozzle

Brass Flat fan nozzle

  • Product Type: Flat Fan Nozzle
  • Place of origin: China
  • Model No: CC-BRASS
  • Price Terms: FOB, CIF
  • Payment Terms: L/C, D/P, T/T
  • Package: CARTONS
  • Minimum Order: 100PCS
  • Delivery Time: 1 WEEK
  • Brand Name: CYCO

It produce a uniform distribution of small to medium sized drops.
Specially tapered soary pattern edged provide even spray coverage when several nozzles with overlapping pattern are required.

Jet stabilizers installed in the heads of flat fan spray nozzle increase the spray  
distance and the durative power. When spray nozzles are installed on Tshape
 pipe, branching pipe or bend pipe and the fluid swerve into the nozzle, turbulance
 occurs,which diffuses the jet flow. The stabilizer minimize the diffusion and
 concentrate the jet flow through a thinner and stabler way, offering a better
 performance in jet distance and durative power. 

 CC flat fan spray nozzles feature a high impact solid stream or a flat fan spray pattern with the spray angles between 0o-110o.

 They produce a uniform distribution of small to medium sized drops. Properly aligned, the specially tapered spray edges make a evenly coverage.

 CC and CCL series nozzles have external piping thread connector and their flow rate are lower than 3.9 l/min at 3 bar. Inner strainer is available for CC-L Series nozzle with male connector only.

 Standard flow rates of CC-N and CC-M Series are 3.9 l/min or larger at 3 bar.All have external piping thread connetor.


  Typical applications: 

   * Parts Cleaning 
   * Metal Washing 
   * Foam Control 
   * Asphalt Spraying 
   * Gravel Washing 
   * Vehicle Washing 
   * Fertilizer Spraying 
   * Dishwashers
   * Spray coating
   * Lubricating
   * Circuit board rinsing
   * Metal processing


Design Features:

   * Nozzle Materials: stainless steel and brass are available.
   * Nozzle Structure: one-piece construction without internal parts.
   * Spray Pattern: jet stream or flat fan spray pattern.
   * Angle Range: from 40 to 110 degree.
   * Pressure Range: from 0.5 to 35 bar. 
   * Flow Rates: from 0.15 to 13.0 L/min.
   * Inlet connection Type: 1/8, 3/8, 1/4, 3/4, 1, 1-1/2, male thread. 

All spray angle and capacity can be customized!


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